Nova Compo B Plus

Universal Adhesive

CompoB Plus is a light-cure ethanol/water-based, self-etching, one-step, all in one bonding agent. It can be used reliably in total-etch, self-etch or selective-etch mode for both direct and indirect restorations.

  • The mild acidty so leaves denting tubuli closed to eliminate the postoperative sensitivity.
  • Minimal technique sensitivity and is indicated for light-cure composites, root surface treatment and cavity sealing.
  • No mixing and etching, priming and bonding are captured in one material
  • Highest bonding strengths to both dentin and enamel for seventh-generation,
  • Contains 2 functional monomers to form a better double chemical adhesion.
  • MOP monomer optimizes self-etch performance, increases shelf stability and provides durability of adhesion. 4-META monomer enhances dentin bond strength.


The MDP Monomer Provides

  • Better adhesion performance to enamel
  • Increases self etching feature 
  • Greater product stability
  • High adhesion strength for metal and non-glass ceramic substrates
  • Provides durability of adhesion; strong bond to apatite surfaces by formation of non-soluble Ca+2 salts


Carboxylated dimethacylate monomer advantages

  • Dentin bond strength
  • Reacts with apatite
  • Improves the bond performance under variable humidity conditions and deep dentin
  • Direct placing light–curing composite or compomer filling materials
  • Bonding of core build–ups made of light–curing composite or core build–up materials
  • Repair of composite or compomer fillings
  • Adhesive cementation of indirect restorations with light– and dual–curing luting composites
  • Sealing of prepared tooth surfaces before temporary / permanent cementation of indirect restorations
  • Root surface desensitization, dentine protector properties
  • Bonding of fissure sealants
  • Intraoral repair of composite restorations, porcelain fused to metal, and all–ceramic restorations without extra primer
  • Protective varnish for glass ionomer fillings


5 ml Dropper Bottle / 50 x Bonding Applicator pellets / 25 x Double Adhesive Platforms


50 x 0.1 ml Single Dose Pack / 50 x Bonding applicator pellets