Our company, which was established in London and moved to Istanbul on April 28, 1987 and has been operating in the dental materials sector with a quality production policy since its establishment, has been operating mainly on laboratory products until the year of 2008. Then Imicryl directed his R&D activities on clinical products.

Today, all items producing in the central campus with expert staff. Imicry’s field of activity is the production, trade and export of products used in dentistry, dental treatment and preventive dentistry, prosthesis used in dental laboratories and all kinds of consumables and some equipments.

The production standard is made in accordance with international norms within the framework of ISO 13485, the medical devices quality management system, as well as TSE quality standards. Our products are produced in European CE and United States FDA standards and are certified in both areas.

IMICRYL aims to offer a wide range of products to its domestic and foreign customers by catching the difference in quality with its modern and technological structure. It has made many innovations in its sector, and the expert staff that makes this difference is growing day by day. Our vision is to reach a position whose name is mentioned with the brands sought in Turkey and in the world. In this context, we continue on our way by increasing our quality, product variety and capacity day by day. We will be happy to inform you about your orders, opinions and suggestions about our products. We would like to thank all members of the dental industry for our 35 years of cooperation.