Biofactor MTA

Mineral Trioxide aggregate

MTA(Mineral Trioxide aggregate) is a tricalcium silicate-based bioactiveMTA repair cement that can be used universally for vital pulp and other endodontic and pediatric indications in primary and permanent teeth.

  • Finer powder for faster hydration,Sets quickly,Biocompatible,High Radiopacity
  • Strong Sealing Properties won’t discolor teeth,Washout resistant when placed
  • Better mixing, handling and placement(based on procedure flow or puty cons.)

Use a thick or putty consistency for;

  • pulp capping
  • pulp chamber perforation
  • pulpotomy
  • root end filling.

a thin consistency for;

  • resorption
  • apexification
  • apical plug

2120 Biofactor MTA 5 x 0.2 g toz, 1 x 0.4 mL likit